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On Saturday 20th October 2018, I launched my new book 'Shifted Code'. It was a night of excitement.

"As a new author I was very nervous but excited because I have been to book launches but have never been on the other side of the stall."

To find out more about what happened on the night, read the blog.


Shifted Code


Bullied by Nathan and his friends, Tadeo was a tormented genius who was isolated and excluded by everyone in his class.  Through an unlucky pairing in class, a brawny Nathan and a victimized Tadeo would have to deal with the misery of working together on a computing project.

With Nathan constantly giving Tadeo a hard time and making very little effort, Tadeo is left to work on his own only to be sucked into the game they were creating for the project. Tadeo finds himself in a strange world where he learns a terrible truth about a blood curdling menace who has been reigning through fear and terror.

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Shifted Code - Book launched on 20th October 2018.

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