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I'm Elijah Frederick, the author of 'Shifted Code - From Digital To Reality'.  Right now I'm studying at school, looking forward to taking my GCSE's next year and working on another story that I hope you will enjoy as much as Shifted Code!  In the meantime, feel free to look around.

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Journey of a Young Author

My love for writing has really grown over the years.  As a young author, I feel it is really important for us to share our talents with the world.

Elijah Frederick


Where it all began...

My passion for writing began in Year 3 and over time it developed. My mum noticed my passion and we began to regularly attend writing events as a grew older.  At one of these events we met Oyemhi and Abi Begho who enabled me with the opportunity to write a book.



Where it's going...

As a new author it's a challenge to get your book out there!  So you have to make and find opportunities. To publicise my book I would love to speak about my book. The main targets for me are to speak at schools, writing events and create workshops for other young authors.



Where it could go...

I didn't really think about it much as I was writing my book.  However the more I think about it now, the more I think an animated series could work! I did have an idea of a short movie based on Shifted Code. But the one I feel would be more creative would be to make a animated series with every episode featuring a 'what if?' scenario.

Shifted Code

My debut children's fiction book is OUT NOW!