Enemies turned friends

Like Tadeo and Nathan had a mutual respect and friendship for each other it’s almost the end of 2019 so try to gain mutual respect for anyone you have possibly fallen out with this year. Try to mend your friendship if you have lost it this year. Subscribe to my newsletter to never miss out …

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas lovers of reading and writing. Subscribe to my newsletter to never miss out on a moment of my journey. Stay tuned for updates and be the very first to know about what’s coming in the future.Don’t forget,keep writing!

Shifted Code to the Stage

Today I had the privilege of visiting AkomaAsa Performing Arts Academy based in South London. AkomaAsa Arts offer training in Western and African Diasporic dance and performing arts, create pathways and progression routes into performance and creative arts education. I was not nervous about this visit because I have more of an idea of what …

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Back to School!!!

Today marks a couple days away until school start again for everyone. If Shifted Code teaches you anything regarding to school is that you can choose what you want to be academically in school. You can either choose to be 1 of 2 characters in school: You can be Tadeo in school meaning that you …

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Recitals at WYLA

Today we were meant to recite our chosen song,poem or speech that we had been preparing since the beginning of the term. We had people coming in since the beginning of term to teach us more about public speaking and how to present yourself when doing do. Although the main focus on today was the …

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World Book Day!!!

It was World Book Day on the 7th of March and I was invited to visit Willow Tree primary school in Harringay, North London. I met the headteacher of the school at my book launch and she had said she wanted to get me to visit her school in the future. I was quite nervous …

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