Back to School Shifted Code Elijah Frederick Young Author

Back to School!!!

Today marks a couple days away until school start again for everyone. If Shifted Code teaches you anything regarding to school is that you can choose what you want to be academically in school. You can either choose to be 1 of 2 characters in school:

You can be Tadeo in school meaning that you are a leader in class and don’t follow the ‘crowd’. Tadeo stands out in his class, he always aims to succeed, and works very hard. He cares a lot about his academics.

Or you can be a Nathan in school meaning that you are a troublemaker in class and you pick on the weakest link in class to boost your own reputation. Nathan stands out in his class,only because he doesn’t care, and he doesn’t work hard. He doesn’t cares at all about his academics.

I would rather be a Tadeo ,personally, but in the end it’s not up to me. So who are you going to be in class this year a Tadeo or a Nathan?