Blast off storytelling

Today I was given the privilege to go to the Tate Modern , a very well-known building in central London, and read stories to children. I had a lot of support with this as my mum,dad and sister all came with me.

The event would be called ‘Blast off Storytelling’ and would be held in a large room on the 5th floor of the building. We arrived quite early because we had never been to an event like this so we would need some direction in terms of how it would be running. At first we were introduced to a man called Ro who explained how everything would run for this event.

Once Ro had explained how everything would run I needed to pick out a spot for my book stall. I chose a space that was behind all of the cushions and beanbags where all of the children would sit. Therefore they wouldn’t have to travel far to come to my stall. My mum and I set up the stall quite easily with a fairly sized table, on my stall I had: word searches and the Gamechip 64 activity.

Once the stall had been set up I familiarised myself with the book that I had chose to read. I chose the book ‘Who was Rosa Parks?’. I chose a book about Rosa Parks because when I was really young I was encouraged to read a book about Rosa Parks and I felt that she was a very resilient and strong woman. So to read it to the children I would hope that they would feel the same.

It was finally my time to read and looking at the amount of children,there were more than I expected. As I read ‘Who was Rosa Parks?’ I tried to make the children see the pictures as it contained a lot of pictures in it. After I had finished reading ‘Who was Rosa Parks?’ I read the first chapter of ‘Shifted Code’. The first chapter left people on a cliffhanger and I felt that the audience was both disappointing but curious when I stopped reading.

Once I had read many children came to my stall and took word searches, among the children they were very popular. They weren’t that interested in the Gamechip 64 activity I noticed. A few parents asked me to sign some books but for there children which really put a smile on my face. That is all I intended to do as an author: think of ideas, turn those ideas into stories and share my stories with the world.

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