Our new stockist – Black Child Promotions!

On my way to get interviewed at Money Mob Black Business Forum my mum and I were lucky enough to catch up with ‘Black Child Promotions’. They are an organisation who my mum connected with on social media.

Sulaiman Lee is the co-founder of Black Child Promotions and is an organisation dedicated to promoting literature and education in the community. He is from Tottenham and grew up around a lot of culture. Spent a year in Jamaica and that environment made him want to learn and explore more about Pan-Africanism and Rastafari. After being in Jamaica he was embracing his culture and had a new sense of identity.

In 2002- Esther Stanford-Xosei does work on reparations and was impressed at how he articulated himself with his newfound passion for history. He was invited to an non government organisation conference with an organisation called ‘Society of Black Lawyers’. At the conference there were meetings between different nations (Jamaica ,Barbados, America). He pledged to go into the community and try to get information in regards to African: history, culture, pride and black power. In a way that pushes Pan Africanist agenda of unifying African people worldwide.

Then he started working for a man called Mikey who had a shop called ‘Groundings’ which sold CD’s and posters. Mikey then asked for him to promote the shop around the corner. His uncle Asana came up with the concept of ‘Black Child Promotions’. The Logo was a black child doing a number two in a colonial helmet. Symbolises they’re taking a dump on white supremacy and oppression, and the negative image that has been impose on them from society.

In 2010 they started going around to different events Wembley market , church road market, Brixton using educational CD’s and educational dvd’s focusing on African culture. Went through years of persecution in Tottenham from the police force.

Black Child Promotions Logo

In 2015 a police man approached them and explained to police that they are using educational African DVD’s. They didn’t have a problem with what they were doing  but they wanted them to do it in a legal way. This changed the way they did things and instead of DVDs they would do books. When they did books many opportunities started coming their way.

Visit our stockist page to find out where and when you can get a copy of Shifted Code from Black Child Promotions.

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