Westside Young Leaders Academy

Recitals at WYLA

Today we were meant to recite our chosen song,poem or speech that we had been preparing since the beginning of the term. We had people coming in since the beginning of term to teach us more about public speaking and how to present yourself when doing do.

Although the main focus on today was the recitals we still had to focus on drill and I was selected as one of the six to be in the ‘drill squad’ who were going to be displaying the drill in front of the parents and special guests. I felt a sense of responsibility as I was the eldest in the group so I had to take charge. We practised many different drill sequences to make sure we had it locked down in our heads.

The time came to display our drill sequences and although I was nervous I used the nerves to make my performance better! Straight after the performance we were onto the recitals and I was one of the last to go which allowed me to know what I should do differently from the others to make my recital better. Despite the fact I didn’t come in the top three I felt like my public speaking skills had improved over the term so that is what I took away from it.

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