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‘Shifted Code’ transports us into a virtual reality through the lens of the character Tadeo, a young boy with a passion for computer games. As part of an IT school project Tadeo is paired with his nemesis Nathan with the task of creating their own computer game. The plot thickens and creates a tone of mystery and suspense. In the midst of the project, Tadeo gets sucked into a vortex of a parallel universe. It’s a gripping story with unexpected twists and turns as well as a cliff hanger ending which suggests that the author may conclude the tale with another book. This is a great debut by a promising young author with captivating language and descriptions that are sure to stimulate readers imagination. A great read!

-Natreema A. Adjaye, Author of Melanin Monologues: A Black British Perspective (30/11/2018)

“I love my brothers book because it has a lot of information in it and it captures the readers eyes so quickly that you just want to know what happens next.  For example, when I wanted to read the second chapter of Shifted Code, I really wanted to read the next chapter.  My favourite part of the story was when there was a magical wall in the underground tunnel and Tadeo jumped through it”

Leah Frederick, aged 9 years old (26/11/2018)

“This is a really good adventure story.  The book is of high quality.  I would recommend it to all ages”

Cameron Shaw, aged 11 years old (25/09/18)

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THIS THURSDAY, thirteen-year-old Elijah Frederick will debut his first fictional novel, Shifted Code at New Beacon Books.
Elijah’s book comes at a time when the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLiPE) have recently released the results of their ‘Reflecting Realities’ survey…Read Full Article


BOOK OF THE MONTH!”  1st October 2018

As featured by New Beacon Books, founded in 1966 by John La Rose and his partner Sarah White and was the UK’s first black publisher, specialist bookshop and international book distributor. For over 50 years New Beacon Books has made available to Britain and its communities fiction, non –fiction, history, poetry and children’s books written by authors from Africa, the Caribbean, America, and Britain.

“BOOK OF THE WEEK”  17th September 2018

Happy Monday all! This week’s ‘Book of the Week’ is a special one for us and comes from 13-year-old Elijah Frederick who we had the pleasure of working with to publish this, his first book!
Elijah has worked extremely hard and has been very dedicated, patient and persistent. We’re really impressed with his creativity and very proud of his accomplishment.

It’s so important to nurture talent in our young people and ensure that they are given all the opportunities they need to reach their potential.
So, today, we introduce you to the newest author out there, Mr Elijah Frederick, who we believe has a long writing career ahead of him.
Today’s ‘Book of the Week’ is Shifted Code: From Digital to Reality, an IT fantasy adventure that tackles bullying and the power of working together.

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