World Book Day 2020

Today was a day great for all readers and writers. It was to come together and be passionate about the one thing we all had in common; books. It was the 7th of March to the ordinary person but to you and I it was world book day.

I was invited to a school to deliver a talk to all the pupils, not just any school. This was the school my sister goes to. Vaughan primary school. It was around 13:00 when we arrived at the school and although I’ve picked up my sister from time to time I have never properly walked around the school. I must say the school did look very modern compared to the primary school I went to.

I had help from my mum and my grandma as assistants for the day, I don’t know where I would be without the support of these two. Miss Varsani was the woman my mum made contact with as she greeted us as soon as we entered the building. After that grandma spoke with the headteacher whilst myself,mum and Miss Varsani tried to set up the stall but had trouble deciding whether to set up the stall in the hall or outside the hall. Finally we agreed to set it up outside the hall so there would be more space when presenting.

As the first set of children came in , all between reception – year 3’s. I am not going to lie, it was the most nervous I have been presenting to people and talking to them about my book. This was due to the fact that it was a lot harder to control and engage the younger ones. Despite that I enjoyed telling them my journey as an author, and I had my sister as a helper in front of all the pupils with me so that gave me a little bit more confidence.

After that as the younger ones started leaving and the older ones started entering my mum gave me feedback to slow down as I was talking as that mainly came from nerves. I started talking Year 4’s – Year 6’s started and I felt they would relate to what I was saying more as they were older and I hope I could inspire them. I told all of them to not wait to be something when they grow up as they can be it now.

Finally as the assembly concluded some of the pupils bought my book and I had a conversation with them. 4 girls came up to me saying they really loved writing and I encouraged them not to wait until they’re older to begin writing. Overall it was a great day. Shoutout to my sister, my mum and my grandma for their help today.

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