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Hi there, I’m Elijah Frederick, the author of Shifted Code – from Digital to Reality and I published my very first book at the age 13.   I was born on 19th February 2005 and raised in London. I was a featured junior blogger and have had many successes with my writing such as, becoming a competition winner and contributor across a variety of publications. 

For three years I dedicated much of my free time to writing my debut children’s fictional story.  Just before I announced the completion of my book, I was awarded ‘Mathematician of the Year’ at my Saturday school and ‘Most Improved Student’ in my year group for English at my Secondary School, all in the same week!  

Whilst in primary school, I began writing a wide range of stories in and outside of the classroom.  After travelling to the Caribbean alone at the age of 10, I was inspired to write my first unpublished book ‘Travel Through The Caribbean’, which I hopes to publish in the future.  

Since publishing my book, copies of my book has been sold in the UK, Caribbean and the U.S, and I’ve had great support from my friends and the wider community.  I’m still preparing for my GCSE’s and previously enrolled onto the  Caribbean STEM Coaching Programme.  During lockdown 2020, I found out that I’ve been nominated for ‘Outstanding Young Person’ award by Blac Awards 2020 and looking forward to the future ahead.  Thanks for stopping by!  Keep writing…

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Where it all began...

My passion for writing began in Year 3 and over time it developed. My mum noticed my passion and we began to regularly attend writing events as a grew older. At one of these events we met Oyemhi and Abi Begho who enabled me with the opportunity to write a book.

Where it could go...

I didn't really think about it much as I was writing my book. However the more I think about it now, the more I think an animated series could work! I did have an idea of a short movie based on Shifted Code. But the one I feel would be more creative would be to make an animated series with every episode featuring a 'what if?' scenario.

Where it is going...

As a new author, it's a challenge to get your book out there! So you have to make and find opportunities. To publicise my book I would love to speak about my book. The main targets for me are to speak at schools, writing events and create workshops for other young authors.

Shifted Code

By Elijah FrederickEditor Michelle Yaa Asantewa | Illustrator Olaleye Bolaji | Contributors Abi & Oyemhi Begho  

Bullied by Nathan and his friends, Tadeo was a tormented genius who was isolated and excluded by everyone in his class.  Through an unlucky pairing in class, a brawny Nathan and a victimized Tadeo would have to deal with the misery of working together on a computing project.

With Nathan constantly giving Tadeo a hard time and making very little effort, Tadeo is left to work on his own only to be sucked into the game they were creating for the project. Tadeo finds himself in a strange world where he learns a terrible truth about a blood curdling menace who has been reigning through fear and terror.

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