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Hi there, I’m Elijah Frederick, aged 16 and author of ‘The Shifted Code series’ – which includes 2 books officially published. Since publishing my first book, copies of my book has been sold in the UK, Caribbean and the U.S, and I’ve had great support from my friends and the wider community. I hope this success can continue with the recent release of the sequel ‘Shifted Code: Hacked’.

Raised in London, in my younger years I was first a featured junior blogger and have had many successes with my writing. This includes becoming a competition winner and contributor across a variety of publications. Specific achievements include:

Travelling to the Caribbean alone at the age of 10, I was inspired to write my first unpublished book ‘Travel Through The Caribbean’, which I hope to publish in the future.  Back-to-back World Book Day primary school visits across London.  Delivering workshops to a performing arts school in South London, bringing Shifted Code to the stage.  Storytelling to children in the Tate Modern to further emphasise the importance of BAME representation within books nowadays.  Nominee for ‘Outstanding Young Person’ award by Blac Awards 2021.

Thank you for stopping by and reading I am very positive and  looking forward to what the future holds – Keep writing.

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new beacon books
New Beacon Books

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Where it all began…

My passion for writing began in Year 3 and over time it developed. My mum noticed my passion and we began to regularly attend writing events as a grew older. At one of these events we met Oyemhi and Abi Begho who enabled me with the opportunity to write a book.

Where it could go…

I didn’t really think about it much as I was writing my book. However the more I think about it now, the more I think an animated series could work! I did have an idea of a short movie based on Shifted Code. But the one I feel would be more creative would be to make an animated series with every episode featuring a ‘what if?’ scenario.

Where it is going…

As a new author, it’s a challenge to get your book out there! So you have to make and find opportunities. To publicise my book I would love to speak about my book. The main targets for me are to speak at schools, writing events and create workshops for other young authors.

Shifted Code Hacked by Elijah Frederick

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By Elijah FrederickEditor Rachel Beckles | Illustrator Jeremy Salmon | Contributor Leah Frederick  

An eager Tadeo enters a new phase of his life, venturing on to secondary school. Whilst he tries to find his way within his new school and making new friends, a former foe comes back to haunt him.

Pupetra is more vengeful than ever as she is able to bypass the code from inside the game Tadeo and Nathan created. This time however she is not alone and has help from others to destroy Tadeo.

Luckily, Tadeo is joined by some old and new faces that join him in the fight. Can Tadeo stop the power-hungry menace from invading real life as they know it?

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Shire Pharmaceuticals

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