The day I met Action

Today at Westside Young Leaders Academy we were blessed with the opportunity to have none other than Action Jackson to come in and speak to us. He is a motivational speaker and when he spoke to us, it really showed that he had experience. I felt very connected with Action Jackson because he had also written a book which my mum bought and that he had signed years ago.

When Action Jackson spoke you could feel the positive energy in the room and how he presented himself was very commendable. He changed his tones at times and tried to make direct eye contact with everyone in the room and doing so made the presentation feel more personal. Action Jackson told us to say these words to ourselves:

‘I am a wise man

I have something to say

I will say it with boldness’

Action Jackson told us that he wanted to develop his own talk show after being a motivational speaker. He also mentioned that everyone has an ambition.I felt that what he is doing is very inspiring and he will change the world. He said that if he speaks his ambitions,they will happen. After the session was over I personally gave Action Jackson a copy of my book and signed it for him. Briefly he interviewed me and I gave a synopsis of the book; saying the synopsis of my own book made me feel very proud of myself and what I had accomplished.

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