Fit to Lead

Fit to Lead

7th August – Westside Young Leaders Academy (WYLA) invited a bunch of students for kayaking!! I have never experienced kayaking before, so I was both excited and nervous. In the back of my head, I thought that I would capsize, which basically means when the boat flips over.

After the Phoenix Canoe Club and Outdoor Centre instructor gave us information and explained how to row the boat and how to get in, we were off in this confined area that was used as a little training place to get used to it. Must admit, I did not really like it at first because I couldn’t steer very well. However, as the evening went on I began to enjoy myself as we played games in the little area first and then we rowed out of the area in open water.

We played this football like game on water with teams however someone capsized, and I came close!! Even so, I did enjoy kayaking more than I thought mainly because it was a new experience. I would have enjoyed it more if I were not freezing cold after!! Naturally, my younger sister Leah (in the last picture) loved it and even signed up for the four day level 1 Kayak course at the end of August.


The physical activity offer from WYLA didn’t end there. From 17th to 21st August –  every day we were invited to an online fitness session, some were brutal, some were fun and some were blunt but all in all I did exercise and I felt good at the end of the week.

I have got to give a shoutout to Tuesday’s session to which I felt physically sick after I did so mainly because I worked the hardest, I had in a while. 😂

Another shoutout to Thursday session to which I enjoyed the most which was boxing and although I had previously done it, I feel I had developed my technique.

Keep yourself fit, physically and mentally.

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