Insta Interview Elijah Frederick

Insta Interview

On 27th June 2020 I was invited to do my first ever Instagram Live with Westside Young leader’s Academy (WYLA) who, like everyone in the world, have had to adapt their way of delivery to adjust during lockdown. We had been blessed with people such as THE Ms Banks, Richard Blackwood, Angie Le Mar, and many other amazing figure heads in the community.

Sister Kirsty asked questions such as “Who inspired me to write?” which I replied :

“I guess it just stemmed from the fact that I loved reading especially the book series that Rick Riordan wrote called Percy Jackson.”

In addition to that my mum inspired me as she would always take me to many book events where I was around that atmosphere. 😊

Another big question she asked was “How do I find WYLA?” to which I replied :

“It teaches me discipline, how to be a leader and one of the best things I have learnt from it is confidence and how to gain more confidence. Another great thing WYLA has allowed me to have is a sense of genuine brotherhood”.

Watch the full interview by checking WYLA’s Instagram

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