Shire Pharmaceuticals

My visit to Shire Pharmaceuticals

Today I was given the opportunity to speak to group of workers at Shire Pharmaceuticals who are the global leaders in rare diseases regarding my journey as an author. This opportunity came from a special invitation from New Beacon Books, and of course I was happy to say yes!  They were having a special afternoon to mark the launch of their ‘Black Leadership Collective’.  So it was an honour to be part of such an important moment in time.

Shire Pharmaceuticals
Shire Pharmaceuticals:  Marissa Campbell, Senior Regulatory Affairs Product Specialist; Ronke Tullett, Associate Director

This would be a great test for me because although I was told I didn’t have to speak for too long, I was incredibly nervous. In the days leading up to the talk, I kept on thinking about what I was going to say and what I was going to do. Unlike my book launch, and book signings I had to take charge fully. At the previous events I attended I had a question and answer session, doing those made me less nervous than just speaking. This is because I’m not directly speaking to the audience, for me personally it’s more of a conversation that the audience hears. Then I thought to myself because I had done question and answer sessions before I would use my statements to shape my talk.

I was thankfully given the support of my mum and grandma who came with me to the pharmaceutical company. As nervous as I was it was nice to know that I had that support. It was a little hard to figure out which building I was speaking in, there was a little confusion at the gates however we eventually got in. We were greeted by the lady that organised the New Beacon Books session of the afternoon who was really welcoming and nice.

We were shown to the room were I would later speak.  At first a video was shown of the progress of New

Shire Pharmaceuticals: Damien Bailly, Head of UK & Ireland Cluster, GM UK

Beacon books. It showed the history and how New Beacon Books had developed, some things were shown in the video that I didn’t even know about the book shop! Not soon after I was invited to speak and I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. I felt that I spoke with confidence and I spoke very clearly, after the talk I was asked to sign some books of which people had bought from the stall New Beacon Books had set up. Signing books makes me feel happy because it is very personalised and it could potentially inspire others to write their first novel.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how they develop their ‘Black Leadership Collective’ and hope to return there in the future.

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