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Today I was thankful to be given the opportunity to host my first ever book signing at New Beacon Books in North London. This was only my first event after my book launch at WYLA. I felt nervous because the fact that I was going to be leading the whole thing.  Whereas at WYLA I just had a Q&A session for the audience to get to know more about my journey as an author.

We started of the session with 10 minutes of Q&A.  I didn’t feel nervous about this part because I had already done it for my book launch at WYLA. I felt confident whilst speaking because at WYLA there was also a much bigger audience.

After the Q&A session I asked the audience to guess what they think the book will be about.  The responses were really interesting!  Then I read out the blurb and there were many questions from the audience. This made me happy as they had loads! However, I couldn’t really answer all their questions as it would have revealed spoilers from the book! The blurb is a small synopsis of the book that is meant to leave your audience with questions.  The fact that there were many questions from the audience after reading the blurb would make them more inclined to read the book.

To get the brains ticking of the audience my assistants for the day helped hand out pieces of plain paper to play this game that I made up called 64 maths. The children had to make as many calculations that made 64 as possible and the person with the most calculations got some chocolate coins. Once they had finished I explained the relevance of 64 and I explained to them that in Shifted Code there is a console called the Gamechip 64.

We then took a break, and originally I was going to sign books at the very end, but because of so many requests I began signing books earlier than expected. Whilst I was signing books my assistants gave out the activities for the children to do for the remaining time of the session.  You can find more activities here.

Midway through signing books my mum introduced me to the presenter Valley Fontaine from the BBC who interviewed me. I wasn’t as nervous for the interview because whilst doing the session I felt like I had grown in terms of confidence and speaking. It was very exiting being interviewed by a presenter who works for THE BBC!

The UK’s oldest book shop specialising in African/Caribbean books has been marking Black History Month by hosting more book signings then usual. One such author at New Beacon Books in North London was, 13 years old Elijah Frederick.

Posted by BBC Radio London on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

An hour after the session on my way home on BBC radio my interview was broadcasted and I felt so proud.

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