Amazon, Customer Review 2019

Finally found something my son would read!! My son said….. “It was actually a really good book mum! Getting sucked into a game would be really cool. “ He was very impressed by the fact that the author is only a couple years older than him. He’s hoping that Elijah writes another book soon so he can read it which from a child who HATES to read is the highest praise that could be ever given!!!!! Please Elijah write a whole series!!

Miss L Charles

Vaughan Primary School, World Book Day 2020

Elijah’s presentation to our pupils was just fantastic. He had our Junior school enthused, enthralled, involved and hanging on to his every word. The most inspiring part of his visit: he followed his dream. Elijah also explained how important it is to stay resilient and true to yourself. Thank you for igniting the passion for writing in our pupils!

Mrs Sangani-Davda, Year 3 Class Teacher & Group Leader

Akoma Asa Performing Arts Academy, Author Visit 2019

Dear Elijah,

Thank you for your workshop. I found it really inspiring. I’ve just finished Shifted Code. It’s an outstanding book! I loved the plot twist, who would’ve known that was his backstory? I love that there is a happy ending. The story was awesome. I can’t wait to see it as a play or film. I wish you success on your journey as an author.

From Raphael