Shifted Code Book launch!!!

Today was finally the day! I was proud to say that I had the opportunity to have my book launch at Westside Young Leaders Academy. As a new author I was very nervous but excited because I have been to book launches but have never been on the other side of the stall.

Brother David Okoro,one of the directors at WYLA, did a question and answer session with me to give the audience some insight on the book and why I love writing etc.I was asked many questions from brother David, the first was “Why did you start writing?” to which I responded: 

I started writing because it was something genuinely enjoyed doing, I loved creating my own stories using my own imagination.”

When I said that, I felt like the audience had really got an idea on why I write and that I do it for fun, a hobby. Discussing why I write in the question and answer session made me feel happy because I never really had an answer for that.The question “Why do you love writing?” is very personal and I really connected with it.

Another one of my highlight questions of the evening was “What is the book about?” so I told the audience:

“Shifted Code is about this boy who has to work with his bully on a computing project but whilst working on the project the main character gets sucked into the game and has to escape.”

Saying the synopsis of my book to an audience for the first time made me realise even more of what I had accomplished and made me feel proud of my book.

My final highlight question came from a member of the audience which was “Is there going to be a sequel or a series in the future?” and this was my response:

“I don’t really want to spoil anything but yes I have got someone ideas in mind so yes there will be a sequel.”

Telling the audience this would keep them on the edge of their seat letting them know I have ideas for the future it must be exciting, it is for me as well!

After the question and answer session I was given the privilege to have requests from people for their books to be signed. I think signing the books was the best bit about the whole evening, the support from the community blew me away. The fact that people were buying my book was the best feeling and I really do hope that I inspire other young people that have dreams and ambitions. If you put in the work a dream can become a reality.

As much as it was my book launch it was a WYLA Black History Extravaganza. It was a great evening with rappers, a fashion show, singers and a former WYLA student returned to show us street dance. Finally  Brother Andrew Muhammad,another one of the WYLA directors, gave us a 1 hour breakdown into Black Panther. It was very interesting because he went into the messages behind Black Panther, and talking about a highly successful movie there were many of them. Black Panther is the only Marvel movie to not feature Iron Man and make over $1 billion, and is the biggest solo superhero movie ever (worldwide.)

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