World Book Day 2020 Elijah Frederick Author Visit

World Book Day!!!

It was World Book Day on the 7th of March and I was invited to visit Willow Tree primary school in Harringay, North London. I met the headteacher of the school at my book launch and she had said she wanted to get me to visit her school in the future.

I was quite nervous as it was my first author visit and I had no idea what to expect. Although I had done my book launch and the book signings, going to a school was much more intense.

I arrived to the school and I was very shocked at the size of it, Willow Tree was a lot bigger than my primary school. It looked like quite a newly refurbished school. My mum and I signed in at the reception and we were greeted by a teacher called Miss Wright. I saw all of the children in costumes as characters from books and I was really pleasantly surprised at the amount of effort everyone put in.

We were escorted to the hall and one by one all of the classes entering the hall and I was asked a few questions in the assembly. When I began to speak all of the children were dead-silent. I felt they were really interested in what I was saying and it was a really nice feeling.

After the assembly Miss Wright walked us to a Year 4 classroom where as soon as I came in the room I got smiles from all of the children. I feel like my presentation allowed me to make it personal for each of the children. I got to know their favourite book and my presentation included many engaging Shifted Code inspired activities.

I went to 6 classes in total, 2 per year and told them about my journey as an author. Overall I would have to say my favourite year would have to be year 4 because they were the most exited to see me. They were the most interested and engaged in my presentation and I liked the questions they were asking.

Before we left I made sure I went to see the headteacher of Willow Tree to thank her. She showed me the copy I signed for her in October of 2018 during my book launch. Seeing the copy I signed for her all the way back in October reminded me of how far I had come. It was very fun to be at Willow Tree because I felt like I was going to inspire them which was what I aimed to do.

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