Robin Walker

Young Black Leaders – Mr Robin Walker

I felt proud and honoured to be interviewed alongside one of our greatest historians and author Robin Walker (aka The Black History Man) for the launch of Young People Aspire Highers (YPAH) virtual course entitled ‘Young Black Leaders’.
The Black Historian Man – Mr Robin Walker

My opinions on PSHCE is that it is good because in class we get involved in very deep topics that teenagers are involved in for example: suicide, drugs, mental health, abortions and many other important topics.

However, despite how educational these topics are and how crucial it is to talk about them; schools need to do more. What I mean by this is that schools must use this time to also talk about financial education, including taxes and how to manage our lives financially when we leave school. Talking about that would make me feel like these sessions in school would be 100% be beneficial.

The Young Black Leaders course is the first PSHCE being delivered online that has been created for black students like me. The course covers topics like, work experience, business plan writing, self-care plans and financial literacy. To find out more you can visit the course benefits section on the Young Black Leaders website.

May I give a huge thank you to Miss Krystal for interviewing me. What you’re doing is great for the young black people in our community.

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